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At its best, education broadens the way students view the world and their place in it.


July 2017
It was a pleasure to conduct a session for AP Psychology teachers at the AP Summer Institute on July 12, 2017. Sponsored by the College Board and held at Kennesaw State University, it was a fun opportunity to share Psychology activities from my book The Social Studies Helper. A copy of it as well as a copy of Can I Be in Your Class? were given to the winners of two drawings.

Adriana De Lap, winner of The Social Studies Helper at the Psych APSI on July 12, 2017

Christian Mulkey, winner of Can I Be in Your Class? at the Psych APSI on July 12, 2017

June 2017
A little guidance and encouragement go a long way in propelling teens toward success. That's why I participated in a teen summit called I Am OZ, held at Georgia State University on June 3, 2017. Along with a cadre of education-related professionals who presented workshops, I had the opportunity to speak with some great young people as I sold copies of Congratulations, Graduate . . . Now What?. Check back here for details on a similar upcoming event in October 2017.

Kennesaw State University
July 2016
Presenting workshops to AP Psychology teachers is always a fun experience, combining activities from The Social Studies Helper with teaching philosophies from Can I Be in Your Class?. This time, the event took place at Kennesaw State University. Although I neglected to photograph it this time, I'd say a good time was had by all!

January 2016
Finding and living your passion is the best life possible. It's actually exactly what God intended for each of us, which is what I discussed when I was interviewed about my book Congratulations, Graduate . . . Now What? on Tough Talk Christian Radio. Click the photo at right to hear the entire interview.

October 2015
Moving on after graduation or starting a new venture later in life can be intimidating. Looking inside to find your passion and to dare to live your fullest, most enjoyable life is what this interview is all about. Click the photo at left to listen.

Thursday, March 5, 2015 @7:00pm
It's a Twitter Party!

When: Thursday, March 5, 2015 at 7:00pm

Where: On Twitter, of course! Using #CongratsNowWhat.

What: Chat with me about all the issues that overwhelm recent and upcoming graduates: What will I do next? How will I decide? If I make a mistake, have I ruined my life? You know, the kind of things that young people don’t usually talk about!

Why: Well, because this is what my new book, Congratulations, Graduate . . . Now What? is all about. The first one to join the chat will receive a free copy of my book, and so will the one who chats most.

Looking forward to chatting with you!

The AP Psych workshops that I conduct for teachers during the summer are a fun way to share ideas from my books and meet some great educators. Here are photos from some of those workshops:

Workshop participants move about the room in a sensory activity from The Social Studies Helper.

At an AP Summer Institute held at Oglethorpe University, teachers maneuver in pairs, as the "blind" teacher is guided by his/her partner's directions in a visual sensation activity.

In this visual sensation activity, my workshop participants are AP Psychology Teachers from across the country. Working in pairs, they "blindly" find their way back to their seats.

This time, workshop participants rely on the sense of touch to navigate the classroom.

A workshop participant cups her ear to isolate sound as she and other teachers participate in an activity on auditory sensation.

Holding a drawing for a copy of each of my books is one of the enjoyable parts of the AP Psych workshops. Here are a few previous winners:

Tremetrice Wheeler, a winner of The Social Studies Helper during one of the workshops

A participant at another workshop, Jessica Kelly, was also a winner of the drawing for The Social Studies Helper.

Jennifer Perdum, winner of Can I Be in Your Class?

I also attended the Black Book Expo:

That's me, displaying The Social Studies Helper!

They even had a marching band! What fun!

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