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The Social Studies Helper: Creative Assignments for Exam Success

With the current focus on standardized exams, it can be a challenge to keep secondary students engaged and motivated. The Social Studies Helper meets that challenge with creative assignments that spark student interest while simultaneously building skills students need for standardized exams. Offering step-by-step procedures, this standards-based resource easily integrates technology with social studies content while enhancing lessons teachers already have.

Based on the upper levels of Bloom’s taxonomy, this book covers each of the traditionally required social studies courses and a few electives. Each assignment is labeled to indicate whether it’s for groups or individuals, and also to indicate whether the assignment is motivating, which begins a lesson or unit; building, which links concepts; or culminating, which enables teachers to assess learning outcomes. Student handouts and rubrics are included as well.

With these activities and projects ready for use, creating them need no longer be on teachers' “to do” lists!

Reviews for The Social Studies Helper
"I didn't realize that there were so many psychology activities and ideas that I've not used before! These ideas are fresh and useful. The introduction even reminds readers of the possible need to differentiate the activities for students with IEPs. A splendid work!"
--Hugh Canterbury
College Board Workshop Consultant for AP Psychology
Atlanta, Georgia

Having taught all three levels of instruction, regular, gifted and special education, I can attest that all of the activities and projects included in this book are beneficial and easily implemented for all three levels of instruction. Each activity presented is designed to include all students in the classroom, recreating the moment that all teachers love: the teachable moment.
--Bobie Rodriguez
Special Education and Honors World History Teacher
Woodstock High School
Woodstock, Georgia

As a 10th grade special educator, I found the activities and projects to be engaging, thought-provoking and motivating. Global History, as World History is called in New York State, remains one of the most difficult subject areas that students must master. Having a resource such as this will allow students an opportunity to connect to the text.
--Lia Council
Mainstream Skills/Self-Contained Special Education Teacher
Riverside High School
Yonkers, New York

This is perfect for my tenth grade class. This book has included every tool a teacher needs in order to teach a successful lesson. These activities and projects include all learning styles and all ability levels. And the handouts and rubrics are fantastic! This is the way to motivate students and definitely the best way to teach.
--Melba Sands
Special Education/Integrated Co-Teacher
Riverside High School
Yonkers, New York

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