Denise Fawcett Facey

At its best, education broadens the way students view the world and their place in it.

Can I Be in Your Class? Real Education Reform to Motivate Secondary Students

When a student asks, “Can I be in your class?” it’s one of the highest compliments a teacher can receive. Often, it means the student has heard good things about the learning that takes place in that teacher’s classroom and wants to be part of it. Other times it means the student simply wants to escape the boredom of his current class. Either way, that student is looking for a fun learning experience. But here’s the thing: Education is supposed to be fun. Why else would anyone be interested in it?

That’s why Can I Be in Your Class? focuses on ways to engage students’ minds, to make learning fun and relevant to them, to reform education in ways that transform the way students view learning. Equally important, these tips and techniques augment student achievement as well.

Each chapter highlights a different educational area and opens with an anecdote to illustrate that point. A worksheet of self-assessment exercises concludes each chapter, guiding teachers to individualize the suggested improvements and implement them in their classrooms.

Designed to support both the novice and veteran educator, the best practices offered in this book help teachers to make education a dynamic experience that addresses the whole child and boosts academic progress. In short, this book makes education fun. As a result, more students will ask, “Can I be in your class?”

Reviews for Can I Be In Your Class?
Can I Be in Your Class? is positive and effective educational reform at a teacher’s fingertips. Facey taps into the essential tools for success in today’s learning environments with an engaging, practical, and well-written guide for teacher and student achievement. If you have a classroom, then Can I Be in Your Class? is a must-have resource.
--Kenneth Muigai, Teacher
School of Communication Technology
Bronx, NY

As an administrator of secondary teachers, I wish every teacher had this sort of book on their shelves to thumb through as they move through their careers. It provides new teachers with proven strategies to keep in their "toolbox" as they begin their careers and it reminds veteran teachers of what it takes to motivate students to learn. The questions at the end of each chapter are a wonderful way for teachers to reflect upon their pedagogy.
--Selena Morgan, Assistant Principal
John Winthrop Middle School
Bridgeport, CT

In her book, Can I Be in Your Class? Ms. Fawcett Facey clearly addresses the problem of the academic and educational gap that many educators throughout our American education system are challenged to close. This author undeniably provides a myriad of suggestions and recommendations that will effectively assist educators in meeting the educational needs of every student and thus, developing life long learners.
--Isabel Hernandez, Assistant Principal
Palisade Preparatory School
Yonkers, NY

Can I Be in Your Class? is an inspirational account, informing educators of ideals that too often get lost in the bureaucracy of the educational system. Ms. Denise Fawcett Facey reminds us of things that so many educators often forget. We are in the business of children and adolescents who are greatly influenced by the actions of teachers. She provides specific examples, reflections and actions to shift the educational paradigm from 19th century teacher directed classrooms to 21st century student-centered environments. A superb guidebook, concise, profound and simplistic the author has provided teachers with a tool for self reflection and professional growth. Kudos!! All teachers, both new and seasoned will benefit greatly after reading this book.
--Angela Green, Principal
The New Preparatory Middle School
Jamaica, NY
Making Education Fun

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