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If you believe in education that's engaging and relevant, that dispels classroom boredom and restores the passion and joy of learning, then this site is for you! Here's what you'll find:

First, there are my books.

With engaging tips and techniques that pique students’ interest and make learning active and enjoyable, Can I Be in Your Class? offers teachers ways to make teaching more fun as well.

Then there's the The Social Studies Helper.

It provides fun activities and projects that are also standards-based, relieving teachers of the need to create these items. Just click on the photos here to purchase them or on the titles at right in “Latest Books” for details on each book.

Expanding the theme, Making Education Fun provides links to great sites that make education interactive and engaging. I’m continually adding new links to this page, so find the ones you like and keep coming back for more.

Also, remember to check out the education blog while you're here. It's a weekly discussion on whatever is innovative, intriguing or enticing in education. Be sure to join the discussion.

The newsletter, a quarterly publication, rounds out the offerings. Filled with education tips for parents and teachers, it also contains recent book events as well as book recommendations I think you'll enjoy. You can find it at the link above and in your inbox if you subscribe.

Links to some of my other articles, along with book reviews I've written, are under the“Quick Links” at right, while my Twitter and Facebook links are to your left. And if education articles are your interest, you'll find links to them on the education blog page.

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